Hugh Hathcock


Hugh Hathcock is the founder of Velocity Automotive, the leading provider of sales and recon accelerator software platform. For over 30 years, Hugh has been passionate about shaping the automotive retail industry. As the founder of ELEAD1ONE, Hugh had a proven track record of dealer advocacy and dealer groups, having specialized as a Growth Consultant for over 8,000 dealerships nationwide. Throughout his successful career, he has honed his understanding of what drives gross, tightens margins, and, ultimately, limits auto dealers’ ability to scale profits quickly and indefinitely. His unmatched knowledge of technology throughout the entire auto retail environment has been pivotal in streamlining sales and service processes, improving customer communications, and maximizing business opportunities.

If there is an opportunity to improve gross and raise a dealership’s bottom line, Hugh will identify the solutions and develop revolutionary technology to carry dealers forward. His business acumen, innovative spirit, and respect for cutting-edge technology were all factors that inspired Velocity Automotive.